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Caesarea offers a plethora of recreational activities in the form of several sports facilities, the "crown jewel" of which is the world class Caesarea Golf Course designed by Frank Dye, as well as scuba diving tours in the fantastic ancient port, jogging and walking on the ancient aqueduct beach and fishing on the pier. Steep yourself in Caesarea's ancient history when you visit the Caesarea National Park. Pick out a unique piece of Jewelry, ancient artifact or a souvenir from one of the beautiful galleries located on the site. Caesarea's many restaurants offer a broad selection of menus, whether for the discerning gourmet or the entire family.


Sports in Caesarea 


Choose your preference. If you purchase this home you can benefit from a lifestyle that only Caesarea offers its inhabitants .

Work and play in Caesarea!

Play golf at israel's premier gof course, tour or snorkel in Caesarea's ancient submerged port, jog on Caesarea's beautiful paths or on its beaches while you take in the vista of Caesarea's famous aqueduct, fish on the breakwater, surf, play tennis at Caesarea's many tennis courts, take advantage of the unique skateboard park, or if you really are a sports "junkie" purchase a permanent subscription at the Caesarea branch of the "Go-Active" gym.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling in Caesarea's ancient Port

The largest collection of gold coins yet discovered in Israel was found in recent weeks on the seabed in the ancient harbor in Caesarea National Park

After the initial find of a few coins a group of divers from the diving club in the harbor used a metal detector to uncover almost 2,000 gold coins from the Fatimid period (11th century CE) in various denominations, dimensions and weights. It is thought that the coins were part of a cargo on a treasury ship that was on its way to the central government in Cairo with tax revenue.


Other than that the submerged port is one of the most beautiful places in Israel to dive and snorkel

Caesarea's National Park

Caesarea National Park, harbor and beach offer a wealth of attractions, including antiquities, dining, swimming, diving and shopping. Its amphitheater, immense stadium and sophisticated port recall Caesarea’s status as the country’s Roman capital and its role in Jewish and Christian history. Caesarea’s massive Crusader walls now surround charming galleries, shops and eateries, along with a dive shop, private beach and the multimedia show “Travel Through Time.” 

Fine Dining in Caesarea


There are a variety of restaurants to be found in and around Caesarea, all a short distance away from Villa Alice Caesarea, guaranteed to satisfy the tastes of all as they cater to a broad palette of tastes from the gourmet to the family, from the vegetarian to the carnivore and from Sushi to stir-fry.

Wineries around Caesarea


Israel’s wine industry has become a favorite topic of conversation among the world’s top connoisseurs. A country with scarce farm land, Israel nonetheless continues to produce top-quality merlots and sauvignons.

“Wine has been made in the Holy Land for millennia, but Israel’s wineries have come into the modern age since the 1980s, when producers began borrowing vinification techniques from France and the US. The region’s wines are getting better all the time, and some are superb,” writes leading US wine critic Robert Parker.


Similarly, in his 2012 Pocket Wine Book, British wine expert Hugh Johnson highlighted 32 Israeli wineries. “Israeli wine has been transformed in the last 20 years by producers who have imported wine expertise to go with their existing technological and agricultural prowess,” writes Johnson.


Caesarea boasts several wineries in its immediate area, some of which are considered some of Israel's best

Art in Caesarea

The Ralli Museums in Caesarea are part of five Ralli Museums in the world, an institution founded by Harry Recanati. The main aim of the museums is to disseminate contemporary Latin American art. When appreciating Latin American surrealism, the folkloric motifs and the figurative emphasis, one can grasp the importance of these great works of contemporary art. Another aim is to keep alive the memory of the Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal during the Inquisition and the Jewish community of Thessaloniki, which was almost completely exterminated in the Holocaust.

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